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Automobile Connector Housing Injection Moulding
Injection mold for Automobile connector housing.1.75g, 30mm*20mm*14mm, CCP PBT 1100-104S.Mold : 8 Cavities, 4cavities per drop,1000k shots life, 120T, Arburg 370.Application: automotive airbag.
Automotive Pre-fuse Housing Injection Molding
Injection Mold of Pre-fuse box housing:500Kg,1 Cavity, 200T.Automotive industry application, TS16949/ISO9001Prototype mold
Automotive Junction Box Frame Injection Molding
Injection Mold of junction box frame: 500Kg, 1 Cavity, 200T.Applied in Automotive field, TS16949 certificated.Both of prototype and production mold are available.
Automobile Fuse Puller Injection Molding
Injection mold for Car Fuse puller, PBT-G30, 2.9g , 90*10*13mmInjection Mold : 4 Cavities, 50T, 200Kg.
Automobile Fuse Box Cover Injection Moulding
injection moulding of Automobile pre-fuse box cover.PA66 MT409AHS BK010 DuPont, 73g , 205*113*24mm.Mold : 1 Cavity, 120T,700Kg weight.
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